Professional MTB team specializing in marathon and stage races around the world. Racing and MTB is our lifestyle and we give it all!


09. 02. - 12. 02.
UCI category:
21. 02. - 26. 02.
Andalusia Bike Race, Jaen/Cordoba
UCI category:
MARCH 2023
19. 03. - 26. 03.
Cape Epic, RSA
UCI category:
APRIL 2023
29. 04.
Riva Bike Festival, Italy
UCI category:
30. 04.
Czech National Championship, Stolové Hory CZE
UCI category:
MAY 2023
06. 05.
Capoliveri legend Cup, Elba ITA
UCI category:
13. 05.
UCI World Cup, Nové město na Moravě CZE
UCI category:
20. 05.
Transbrdy, Dobřichovice CZE
UCI category:

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The first season of our professional team was in 2019. Every year we won a medal from the World Championships, and in 2021 even the most valuable one! Currently, the team consists of five riders and each of them can boast a number of major or minor successes. We focus on marathon and stage races around the world, with priorities for the South African Cape Epic stage race, the European Championship and the World Marathon Championship.

Kristián Hynek
Vice-champion of the World XCM Championship 2019, European XCM champion and winner of the Absa Cape Epic Kristián Hynek is historically the most successful Czech marathon rider. He is founder of the team and its current manager.
Robert Novotný
mechanic and manager
Our machines need care. Robert alias Giovan is able to provide it in detail. Giovan is an indispensable part of the team for his versatility, absolute precision and, last but not least, for his experience and the moral support he provides to everyone.
Andreas Seewald
World and European marathon champion 2021 Andreas Seewald is currently one of cycling's top athletes. He is a rider with extraordinary climbing and tempo abilities, who will not be discouraged even by the most difficult races in the world in an alpine environment.
Martin Stošek
The versatile rider Martin Stošek, who is strong on a bike in almost every side – in the mountains, on the plains, in the group, in the breakaway, sprint, rain or heat, has become top world marathon rider. His performance has been steadily increasing, and thanks to winning a bronze medal at the World or European Championships, we can rank him among the best marathon XCM riders in the world.
Marc Stutzmann
Marc Stutzman is a newcomer to our squad since 2023. Like other team members, he specializes in marathons. In this discipline he has achieved the greatest successes of his career - he is a double medalist from the Swiss National Championship or the winner of the race of the UCI Marathon Series. Thanks to his arrival the team is becoming more international again.
Stefanie Dohrn
The only female element of the team, Stefanie Dohrn, must be appreciated. She ended the 2022 season as the leader of the UCI XCM ranking. Her greatest achievements include winning two medals at the German National Championships and, above all, winning the 4Islands stage race.
Torsten Walter
masseur, physio
Our physiotherapist Torsten Walter is one of the leaders in his field. As a great cycling enthusiast, he has always been close to sports physiotherapy and today his clients are the world's best XCM of our team. He is an expert not only in physiotherapy, but also in biomechanics, and if you personally want to use his services, he runs a private practice in Cologne.


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